[BLOG TOUR+ Excerpt] RUSH INTO YOU by Brianna Lee

Brianna Lee
May 12, 2014


I had it all.
I was captain of the cheerleading squad and star of the debate team.
I was smart and popular and living the dream.
Until that night.
That one fateful night changed everything.
Now everyone hates me—everyone.
They stay far away.
It’s safer.
Drugs numb the pain, and sex pays for the drugs.
Being alive is my punishment.
Then I meet him.
Ryker Rosse.
Tattoos, sinful body…and his eyes. His eyes are irresistible.
He is captivating. He treats me with respect.
He sees me.
Ryker brings happiness into my life of regret, but I don’t know if I deserve happiness.
Some mistakes can never be forgiven.
Or can they?


“So…you don’t want a drink then?”I didn’t bother looking up at him. “I’m not in the mood to deal with your shit, so hurry up and pull your prank, then you can run along.” I tried to make my voice sound bored though I felt nauseous with nerves. I hated confrontation, but if I didn't at least pretend that I was tough, I wouldn’t survive. My happy and carefree days had disappeared five years ago. My biggest problems were no longer perfecting my cheerleading routines and winning debate tournaments. Now I worried about being raped or brutally beaten again.“Okaaay…” That smooth voice drew out the word, breaking into my thoughts. “Is that how you talk to every bartender who asks what you want, or am I special?”I put my phone away since I couldn’t concentrate on the game anymore, and looked at him. I didn’t miss the unmistakable flash of confusion that danced across his face before he quickly schooled his features and winked at me.I had no idea who this guy was or where he had come from. I certainly never saw him working in Max’s. I knew almost everyone in Breckston one way or another, and I would surely remember this tall, tattooed, and lean-muscled man.We stared at each other in silence, and I took the time to really observe him. He wore a dark-blue Boston Red Sox hat, and the brown hair that was visible beneath was cut close to his scalp in a fade. Sexy stubble covered his cheeks and strong jawline, and the urge to reach out and touch it wasn’t lost on me. His hypnotic stare that had stolen my breath when we’d first locked eyes was framed within enviously long lashes, their natural beauty balanced by his thick eyebrows. There was a vertical scar slicing down the middle of the left one, and a slight bend on the bridge of his nose that hinted at a past injury. Finding those subtle flaws on this beautiful man made him even more gorgeous. My eyes traveled to his full and firm lips…his mouth begged to be kissed.His plain white t-shirt left his muscled arms exposed, showing sleeves of artfully designed black ink that covered his skin. It was too dim in the bar for me to really examine his tattoos, but I noticed a random splash of color on the swell of his bicep. I was sure he had more tattoos that I couldn’t see, and I found myself desperate to know what and where they were. A quick look in the mirror lining the wall in front of me reflected back the greatest ass I had ever seen. A naturally faded pair of jeans hung low on his narrow hips. He must look hot as hell naked. If he took his shirt off right then, I bet I’d see a perfect set of abs and the sexiest V disappearing behind the fabric.I let myself look back into his eyes, his gaze intent on me. “Like what you see?” A cocky smirk touched his lips.Behind his teasing, there was a softness in his eyes that whispered of understanding and patience. The deepness in his stare made me feel as if he were looking into me, not through me. It was different. And I liked it.


About The Author:

Brianna Lee is an avid reader and flavored ice coffee addict. She is also a book blogger for Brianna Lee Book Reviews and lives in Massachusetts with her beautiful daughter.
As a busy mom and aunt, she often has to write her stories in a notepad app on her cell phone, but late at night you will find her typing on her laptop until she passes out on her keyboard...literally.
Brianna encourages readers to contact her as she loves to hear from you! Email her at authorbriannalee@live.com.

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