[Cover Reveal] GYPSY BROTHERS #6 & #7 by Lili St Germain ♥

I am so excited to reveal this! As there are no blurbs yet! Yes, honey! This is to get you more excited about the book 6 and 7 of GYPSY BROTHERS Series by Lili St Germain. She always spoils us and being us, we always gets agitated and asked "when the hell she will give us this?" in the good way.  We are now down to the last two books! BTW, Three Years (Gypsy Brothers #5) will be release on JULY 28, 2014! So, do not forget to get a copy! (Buy links will be available soon)

So here are the covers ladies!

TWO ROADS (Gypsy Brothers, #6) ONE LOVE (Gypsy Brothers, #7)

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