[BLOG TOUR] LET ME KNOW by Stina Lindenblatt

Author: Stina Lindenblatt
Release Date: September 1st 2014


This shouldn't be happening again

Amber Scott thought her screaming nightmares would end now that her stalker is locked up and awaiting trial. But they return when her slam-dunk case starts to fall apart. Explicit letters she allegedly wrote surface, suggesting she was the mastermind behind her assault, a willing victim.

Amber only feels safe in the arms of her boyfriend Marcus, the one person she can lean on. Until damning evidence from Marcus's past collides with the case and the media circus drags them both down. To protect Amber's reputation, Marcus has only one option: end their relationship. He won't risk further damage to her case, even if it means breaking her heart.

Amber has to find the strength to step into the spotlight and bring awareness to victims' rights before she's convicted in the court of public opinion. And she's really not sure what's worse—that her kidnapper could walk free, or that the seemingly endless attention and speculation will drive Marcus away permanently.

See how it all began for Amber and Marcus in Tell Me When.

I push the shopping cart down the vegetable aisle, scanning the possibilities.
“What about cooked baby carrots?” Chase asks. “Who doesn’t love those?”
“I guess so.” Amber’s never said she doesn’t like them, so they should be a safe enough choice. I think.
Chase tosses the small package into the cart. “Does she like Indian food? ’Cause my mom started buying kits for making butter chicken. It’s really good. Plus it’s easy to make.”
Easy to make? I can deal with that. “We haven’t discussed foods she likes, other than she loves pizza and chicken noodle soup and chocolate ice cream.” I shrug, feeling a little lame at not knowing these things about the girl I love.
The look he throws me confirms he’s thinking the same. “Butter chicken it is. Frozen pizza isn’t very romantic, and the deli pizza here sucks.” He grabs the shopping cart and leads me to the Asian food aisle. Several minutes later, I have a box of butter chicken mix and a small bag of basmati rice, then he drags me to the meat section to find chicken breasts. Next, we pick up a bottle of white wine and candles…all at Chase’s insistence.
“Dude, you need a girlfriend,” I say, laughing.
Before he can argue or agree or whatever he’d planned to do, a tall brunette, who would leave most men panting at the sight of her, steps up to my cart and smiles at me. Her bright green eyes glow with an edge of seduction.
Relief that Amber isn’t here rushes through me. I don’t recognize this woman, but that doesn’t mean anything. I’ve slept with so many girls in the past, their faces are all a blur. Though I doubt I’d forget this one.
“Marcus Reid.”
“Yes,” I say even though it was a statement not a question. I glance at Chase but see no hint of recognition on his face.
“I’m Angelina Mathews from Channel Four News.”
Chase looks over my shoulder and groans. I don’t have to look to know why. She’s not here alone. She’s got her cameraman with her.

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About the Author 

Born in England, Stina loves to travel, and has lived in England, the US, Canada, and Finland. She spent a semester in graduate school living in central Finland, and a summer during her undergrad degree working in Helsinki. She has a Master’s of Science degree in exercise physiology and has worked with elite athletes. In her free time, Stina is a photographer, mother of three adorable kids, and devoted wife. She currently lives in Calgary, Canada.
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