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Title:    Rouse Me
Author:   Crystal Kaswell
Genre:   Contemporary Romance
Release Day:    August 4, 2014

Alyssa Summers is not the kind of girl who cheats. Sure, she isn't in love with her fiancé, Ryan Knight, but she has no use for silly ideas like love or passion. She needs someone who can keep her from destroying herself. She needs Ryan. She's sure of it.
Then she meets Luke Lawrence.
He's handsome. And he's bold—he thinks nothing of flirting with her in front of Ryan. And he's smart, and articulate, and interested in what she has to say.
But she should be able to stop thinking about him.
So what if his big, brown eyes light up when he smiles? So what if his laugh completely disarms her? So what if his touch-- even his fingertips grazing her back-- makes her body hum?
She shouldn't feel so tempted. She shouldn't feel so desperate to know him. Luke is Ryan's business partner, for God's sake. She should be able to resist him.
But she can't. She wants Luke more than she's ever wanted anything.


I run faster and faster, until I can concentrate on nothing but my breath. In. Out. In. Out. In. Out. Easy. I am so focused, I don't notice a huge crack in the sidewalk. My foot catches on the edge of the crack, and I trip, trying to land on the grass as gracefully as possible.
            Luke stops short and sits next to me. “Are you okay?” he asks, his body inches from mine. How could I possibly be okay with the electricity overwhelming my body?
            “I'm fine.” I try to get up, but he holds my shoulders down.
            “Let me check your ankle.”
            “Don't tell me you're also a doctor.”
            “I just know a little first aide,” he says. His fingers glide over and around my ankle. He checks my wrists next, his hands lingering near mine. He helps me to my feet, and I almost trip again, but he holds my waist, and keeps my steady. We are so close, a few inches apart, but we aren't touching. Why aren't we touching?
            You're engaged, remember?
            “You're fast,” I say.
            “Only as fast as the person I'm with,” he says.
            “Miss Summers, your mind is in the gutter.”
            My eyes narrow. He grins, that million dollar smile lighting up his gorgeous brown eyes. “Surely an engaged woman wouldn't think about fucking someone besides her fiancé,” he says.
            “Don't flatter yourself,” I say. I stand up and put my weight on my ankle. It smarts a bit, but it isn't totally horrible.
            “Are you sure you're okay to walk?” he asks.
            “We can run.”
            “No, you might have twisted it. We're walking,” he says.
            “Fine.” We're walking. It will take longer, and I'll talk to him longer, and I'll be around him longer. Maybe that will get this desire out of my system.
            Or maybe I'll give in to temptation. That is what I usually do.
            “Want me to put a word in with Ryan about your audition?”
            “He'll kill you if he finds out you're flirting with me.”
            “Miss Summers, that's an awfully serious allegation,” he says, his smile wide.
            “Besides, you're flirting back.”
            I try to come back with some reasonable excuse, a claim that I am not flirting, that I am not interested, that I would never, ever, ever do anything to hurt Ryan. But all I can do is sadly restate the facts: “I'm engaged.”
            “I'm well aware of that,” he says, eyeing my bare ring finger. “We're only friends.”
            “Do you flirt with all your friends?” I ask.
            “No,” he says. “Only the friends who correct my grammar.”
            “And besides, you're a good guy. You wouldn't pursue an engaged woman.”
            “What gave you the idea that I'm a good guy?” he asks.
            “Would you?” I ask.
            “It would depend on the woman. How much I liked her. How much...Well, I don't want to make you uncomfortable,” he says.
            “Try me.”
            “Are you sure? You are engaged, after all?”
            I roll my eyes. “I can handle it.”
            “It would depend on how much I want to make her come,” he says.
            My eyes go wide. My heart pounds. My breathing stops. I try to formulate a response. Something to remind him I am engaged, that I am not the kind of girl who cheats on her fiancé. Something to convince him I don't want him to make me come, that I don't want his hands or mouth or cock anywhere near my body.
            But all I say is, “Oh.”
            “Don't worry, Alyssa. When I want to fuck you, I'll ask nicely.”
            When. He said when. Not if. When. When he wants to fuck me. So he will, but he doesn't want to yet, or he isn't ready yet, or he doesn't think I'll say yes yet.
            Of course I won't say yes.
            I am engaged.
            And I love Ryan.
            Don't I?


Crystal Kaswell is the author of Rouse Me, coming August 2014. She is a voracious reader, typically consuming books in only two or three days. When not reading or writing, she is typically playing board games, drinking tea, or riding her beach cruiser around Los Angeles.

Website:        http://www.crystalkaswell.com/
Twitter:             https://twitter.com/CrystalKaswell

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